Make your was/now pricing work harder for you

Published Friday 21 September 2018


Was/now pricing (we call it our Discount Pricing facility) is a fantastic tool to use on your Trade Me listings to help drive more sales.  But before you launch straight into it and slash your prices, take a minute to read our tips to make sure that you’re not losing out on buyers and revenue.

  1. Understand exactly what days of the week or month you’re more likely to get an increased number of watchlists,enquiries and sell vehicles.  Why does this matter? It’s about coordinating your offers to coincide with reaching the most audience and getting the best hit rate.

  2. Discount your vehicles strategically - having all your vehicles marked down screams ‘sales tactic’ to potential buyers and could possibly create more doubt than generate sales.

  3. Raising your initial vehicle price only to discount it down to what it would normally have been listed for is not a real sale. Buyers have access to lots of resources and we know that buyers are researching more and more, so they’re very likely to spot this tactic and shy away from your offers.

  4. Reduce the price or promote the vehicle?  Consider all the options before reducing your prices. You may be at a better advantage to Super Feature an aged stock instead of reducing the price.  Not only could you get more views and watchlists by promoting it, but you could save financially if the amount you were thinking of reducing the vehicle by is less than the cost of promoting the vehicle.

For more handy tips contact your Account Manager who will happily guide you through a number of options and solutions to suit your business.