Avoid making a mistake

Published Tuesday 16 July 2019

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Our Dealer Support team are always on hand to help keep your listings running smoothly.  We had a chat with them to get some tips on what you could look out for to make selling as easy as possible.

It isn’t sold until it’s actually sold 

It’s often really tempting to do a change of ownership on a vehicle while the deal is still being processed but this means that if things fall through you’ll need to reverse it and put the vehicle back into your name. 

Getting your MR13B reversed because you were a little too quick out of the gates and the deal wasn’t quite signed and sealed yet isn’t best practice in terms of vehicle registrations and means you’re left waiting in limbo while we send the request to the NZTA. It also means you spent money unnecessarily and no one likes that.

Our tip - wait until you’re totally sure it’s a done deal before doing the change of ownership on any vehicle, saving you time, money and frustration in having to get it reversed.

Spelling matters

Ever loaded a vehicle and it doesn’t appear on the system but you can’t figure out why?  Sometimes a simple spelling error can be the cause. 

Our tip - Our system is super specific so double check you’ve got the make and model spelt correctly saving you time and potential headaches trying to figure out what’s gone wrong

Should be registered in a business name, not an individual name

We know that sometimes you sell a vehicle and do the change of ownership into an individual’s name only to find out that it should be in a company’s name for commercial purposes instead.

Our tip - We’ll need to send a copy of your certificate of incorporation to the NZTA when requesting the change ownership so having it sent through with your request is super handy and could help speed things up.

How do you get hold of our Dealer Support team?

You can contact them on 0800 428 862 or email them on