Make the most of your descriptions with Standard Vehicle Text

Published Friday 22 November 2019

The description is an really important part of your vehicle listing. It’s where potential buyers fall in love with the vehicle, learn what they need to know about it, discover the features and perks, and see how the dealership can help make the process easy!

One thing you might not have known is when you’re writing the winning description for your vehicle listings on Trade Me, there’s actually two fields that you can be working in; Vehicle Descriptions and Standard Vehicle Text. 

Vehicle Description

This is where you can put all the relevant details about the vehicle you’re selling. Why they’ll love it, what special packages it has, who it’s perfect for. It’s where you can get creative!

Standard Vehicle Text

This is where you can share the details about everything else the customer gets when they choose you. Share all of your dealership offerings like servicing, finance options and accreditations. Build a picture for the customer why you’re the people to buy from.

The great thing is, this text is then transferred on to all of your listings, saving you the hassle of updating them all when only one detail changes! To use this feature, visit the Edit Standard vehicle Text page under My Company in Dealerbase.

You can also exclude this from appearing on certain listings by editing the listings in DealerBase.

Why this matters

The vehicle description is designed to be solely about the vehicle itself, and not be about your dealership or the other services you offer. This makes it easier for the customer to find the most relevant vehicle information right at the top of the listing.

Getting this right is really important to help make sure that your listings abide by our policies. If you’re unsure how to properly utilise these tools, please reach out to our dealer support team on 0800 42 88 62 or at